ASK/OOK RF Products

Super-heterodyne Receiver Chip with High Sensitivity  |  Receiver Chip with High Sensitivity and Image Rejection |  Receiver Chip with Low Voltage and Low Power Consumption  

 Compared with the previous generation product Synoxo 4 series of super-heterodyne receiver chip, SYN500R/510R/520R/531R/541R/580R/590R/900R/910R not only has higher sensitivity (in 433MHz application environment, the sensitivity can reach -109dBm), but also integrates the image rejection function further inside the chip, so that it has stronger anti-interference ability. These two points enable the Synoxo 5 series super-heterodyne receiver chip to achieve further receiving range. Meanwhile, Synoxo 5 series chip inherits the characteristics of 4 series chip “antenna frequency AM signals input, digital signal output”. It is still with the same high level of integration, and high frequency signal receiving function are all integrated inside the chip to achieve the most reliable reception with minimum external devices and the lowest cost. At the same time, all the RF and IF tuning is automatically completed inside the Synoxo 5 series chip, thus the manual adjustment process is omitted in the development and production which naturally helps reduce the cost, enhance the competitiveness of the product.

The RF frequency range of SYN500R/510R/SYN520R/SYN531R/SYN541R/SYN580R/SYN590R covers 300-450MHz, and which of SYN900R/910R covers 450-1000MHz.

SYN500R/SYN900R are SSOP16 package; SYN510R/SYN910R are SOP16 package; SYN520R/SYN531R/SYN541R/SYN580R/SYN590R are SOP8 package.